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Routine with 4 products: Serum + Cream + Eye Contour + Balm

Routine with 4 products: Serum + Cream + Eye Contour + Balm

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Make- Up Remover Balm

Melting balm that removes impurities and make-up (even waterproof) from the face, leaving the skin soft and supple. Its non-greasy texture, is easily removed without leaving residues as well as being gentle on the eyes.

Hyaluronic Active Serum

A serum based on concentrated hyaluronic acid. It has a plumping and smoothing effect thanks to its ability to retain water and ensure optimal hydration of the skin. Helps to moisturise, plump and smooth the skin.

Hyaluronic Active Cream

Face cream with hyaluronic acid in 3 different molecular sizes that helps moisturise and counteract wrinkles and expression lines, giving the skin elasticity and firmness. Moisturises and minimises the appearance of fine lines and first wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Eye Cream

Eye contour cream with hyaluronic acid. Its exclusive formulation helps to reduce blemishes in the eye area by combating wrinkles and preventing signs of aging. They give an immediate sensation of freshness, tone and plump up wrinkles for an instant and complete lifting effect. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and first wrinkles around the eyes.

Shopper SkinLabo

SkinLabo Shopper in matt white paper, with white cotton handle and logo on both sides.

Size: 16x8x24 cm

Type of skin: normal/dry skin
Specific need: dryness, dehydration, hydration
Application: day, night

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