The skincare that cares

We have a clear and essential mission:

the well-being of your skin.

At the same time, we believe that anything that is good for your body should never be at the expense of the planet we live on. This is why we feel a great responsibility to minimise the impact of our products on the environment, and to be transparent about the ways in which we do this.

We are consumers first, skincare experts second.

We know the importance of making informed choices that are in line with our values and that we can be proud of. So, as we continue to improve our formulas day by day, we want to share our path towards being a cleaner and more sustainable brand with clarity and transparency.

Our delivery is Carbon Neutral

In 2023, we calculated that shipping accounts for 42% of our carbon footprint. To reverse this inefficiency, we decided to compensate our emissions from shipments to our customers through certified CO2 credits from Tree Fair: a green Benefit Company developing climate change projects in Italy. By doing so, we offset our impact in the place where we create the greatest emissions.

Learn more about Tree Fair

We choose our Packaging carefully

The boxes we ship with are FSC-certified, and the paper comes from sustainably managed forests. In 2022 we removed the shiny metal layer inside the tubes and replaced the paper lamination of the boxes with a water-based varnish, making them both fully recyclable. By 2026, we have two important goals: to use at least 50% of recycled plastic and to switch to 100% recycled paper for our product packaging.

Find out how to recycle our packaging

Our challenge: SkinLabo vs Plastic

Transitioning to sustainable packaging takes time, and as we embark on this journey, we have decided to take concrete action immediately to improve the environmental impact of our products. This is why we have decided to become Plastic Neutral certified with rePurrpose Global. How does it work? For every kilogram of plastic sold in 2022, we have financed the removal of the equivalent amount from the environment.

We are fiercely Cruelty Free

We strongly believe in respect, including the respect for animals. That is why we proudly hold the PETA Cruelty-Free Certification.

Our "Made in Italy" Authenticity

Integrity and authenticity are at the heart of our entirely Italian supply chain. We diligently select only partners that meet our strict quality and safety standards, but who are also in tune with our values and sustainability goals.

We share our choices

As consumers, we should alle be aware of the ingredients we apply to our skin as well as their impact on the planet and on the people. That is why we want to provide you with the tools to make informed and conscious decisions, and we are happy to share our first Sustainability Report and Code of Ethics.

We are proud to be Plastic Neutral

With this certification we remove as much plastic from nature as we consume. In 2022 we started this journey with the Pavitra Parvat project in India.

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